one 2 way Bitcoin ATM, One  Location included, Marketing &  Crypto ELITE Member services.

Our goal was to have 5 ATM machines by the end of the year. We reached our goal a whole 60 days early! It's amazing what we can accomplish by setting goals and not accepting "no" for an answer. The sky is the limit! 

Ruben L.

Serial Entrepreneur

Don’t buy Crypto,

sell Crypto.

Crypto currency is rising and for many people the crypto space is very uncertain. What if you could leverage selling Crypto without buying any Crypto?

Why Crypto ATMs

is the FUTURE…

Crypto ATMs allows you to be the exchange instead of people putting their money into exchanges that could potentially scams or go bankrupt like we have seen the past few years. Crypto ATMs is the secure way of offering a safe and efficient method of buying and selling Crypto for years to come!

Here is what you get with

crypto elite automation

THE crypto elite process

LLC / EIN / Bank Account

Step 1: We walk you through forming a business (LLC) like the 2500+ clients we’ve already helped throughout the United States.

Step 2: We guide you on the Business Checking Account opening process.

BTM Order / Processing Service Setup / Location Started

Step 3: We order a BRAND NEW 2-Way BTM. (That means you can buy and sell Bitcoin and cash!)

Step 4: We customize the BTMs appearance and digital marketing to get more customers to find and use it!

Step 5: We have our expert sales team find you a GREAT location for your BTM!

Clients reviews additional training – Sales / Marketing / Technical Support

Step 6: Review customized lessons for you to learn about marketing, prospecting, sales and scaling your Crypto ATM business in 2023!

Step 7: Join weekly LIVE trainings inside our exclusive clients only masterminds.

Location Secured /
Technician Installs Crypto ATM

Step 8: We have a professional technician install the BTM for you.

Step 9: We have an ARMORED CARRIER service maintain your BTM's cash!

Step 10: Rinse and Repeat. CRYPTO ELITE SUPPORT

Customized Online CRYPTO ELITE Program

Lessons/ Checklist/ Training

Clients-Only services

Exclusive Content for Clients-Only

Dedicated Group Chat

1 on 1 support with Team (Client Success Manager, Location Manager & Account Manager)

back office support

You will gain access to your business on a digital platform from your computer or phone 24/7.




additional locations


brand new internet modems

One time payment for unlimited processing


real people. real results

The beauty of this is that it been constructed by people who've been where you are right now. They've done most of the hard work for you so that you can succeed.

Dreya T.

ATM Entrepreneur

Turn Key Business that will allow YOU to offer the following for your clients:

  • Convert large amounts of physical cash to Bitcoin instantly
  • Transfer money worldwide without expensive fees.
  • Bitcoin ATM Training for all your client Via Video Lessons Built into the machine!
  • $30,000 purchase limits daily!

10 Minute Informational Call

Schedule your Information Call with our industry Experts!

Hi , my name is Paul Alex.
 Founder of

In 2016, while working as a Detective in Law Enforcement for several years, I decided to start a side hustle to earn passive income through the Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) while working my 9-5 job.

In 2020, I discovered digital marketing and decided to help thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs by building their ATM businesses nationwide in the United States. Since then, I’ve:
  • Helped an excess of 2500+ aspiring entrepreneurs in the United States create their own ATM businesses.
  • Founded and grew a digital business since January 2021 focused on the ATM Industry to $19 Million dollars in revenue since launching
  • Became a professional speaker, I generated over $5,000,000 dollars in sales from speaking on stages, podcasts and LIVE webinars.
Now I run a multi-million-dollar digital business focused on building ATM Businesses nationwide and currently own the largest ATM Business Facebook™ Group called “ATM Business for Beginners” with an excess of 69,000 members.

In December 1, 2022,  I have decided to team up with a team of Crypto experts ( to officially launch CRYPTO ELITE Automation.

Crypto ELITE Automation is the first offer in the ATM Industry to offer a complete Done For You or Done With You Infrastructure for any investor or entrepreneur that is ready to dominate in the GOLD RUSH of the Crypto world.

This is the method where you are able to sell Crypto without owning Crypto and you also get to leverage our CASH as well as we will handle the fulfillment for your company!



Why Bitcoin Teller Machines (BTMS)

BTMs allow customers to automatically convert physical cash to cryptocurrency and back to cash. BTMs make it very convenient for customers!

BTMs provide instant access to cryptocurrency as opposed to many online platforms or exchanges that holds funds for days or weeks.

I do not like exchanges because you are not in control of your money once you put your money into a crypto exchange. I have lost tens of thousands of dollars and I have friends who have lost tens of thousands during the FTX exchange bankruptcy.

This is how I know BTMs will be the best and safest option for Crypto investing for your customers!

BTMs also allow the unbanked access to the benefits of banking.

BTMs will cater to individuals more comfortable in dealing with physical cash.

BTMs allow large daily purchases without long hold times ($30k per day for our machines).

BTMs allow people to transfer money across the world almost instantly!

Bitcoin Teller Machines are amazing!

How do YOU make money from BTMs?

Our company and affiliated partners sell crypto to customers at a RETAIL price.

This means we buy the actual crypto from an online exchange and we take the risk of purchasing the crypto, which is the product you will be selling through your machine (BTM).

We then increase the price of the crypto we purchased and sell the crypto at a higher price to your customers.
The Crypto will have a markup of 15-20% for your customers.

 Basically, for every $1,000 dollars of crypto purchased, you will make around $150-$200 dollars in profits from the crypto sale.

Based on our training and experience of our partner,, average machines take approximately 6 months to normalize after install and on average can sell $20k in crypto per month.

Based on the example above, that means the BTM could make $3,000 Monthly in profits.

Every effort has been made to accurately represent information and it’s potential. There is no guarantee as to any particular outcome, or earnings, based on using the techniques and ideas available through this Website. Examples on our Website are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings, results, or any other outcome. Outcomes are entirely dependent on the person using our products, services, ideas and techniques. We do not purport that any information we make available will provide you with a “Get rich scheme.” You are solely responsible for your results.

Why should I use to purchase a BTM (Crypto ATM)?

The moment you trade a U.S. Dollar for something else you become a Money Service Business (MSB). This requires A LOT of conditions and paperwork on your end.

You need to register with the Federal Government, usually your State and sometimes your city!

You must have specific policies in place and file reports to the federal government.

You also need to hire specific people within your company to stay in compliance.

That’s not even including if you have a random audit!

There’s a reason why most people don’t get in the crypto ATM business. It requires a lot of work.

That’s where we came in.

Gedam and I recognized there were no one in the ATM industry able to offer what we offer and we just had to get the opportunity out there for everyone else.

I consider this the equivalent of the beginning of the Gold Rush.

You can take over entire cities with BTMs while people are still trying to figure out why they should do it and how to do it.

There’s what I call “Zip Code Changing” events that will come across your life.

Think of investing in Tesla before people believed in electric cars.

Think of investing in Apple before people took smart phones seriously.

Think of investing in Amazon during the time Amazon was just an online book store.

Don’t let the BTM industry leave you behind.

There is a reason why we were able to generate over 8 million dollars in revenue since launching in January 2021 with cash ATMs.

By the end of December 2023, is estimated to generate over 35 million dollars in revenue.

Ask yourself a serious question, do you see the VISION?

Is there a funding option available if I need startup capital for this business?

We recommend that if you have a 680+ credit score or above, that you take advantage of special funding. is able to offer clients a special funding program which covers the cost of the Automation package.

We are the only company in the industry to offer this special funding program.

The funding program consists of the following: 680 Credit Score (Minimum Qualification)

$70,000 Annual Salary with W2 Proof (Minimum Qualification)
3 Months of Employment (Minimum Qualifications)
No Prepayment Penalties
No Payment the 1st Month
Soft Pull-on Credit for Pre-approval

How does the Crypto ELITE Automation Program work?

Step 1: We walk you through forming a business (LLC) like the 2000+ clients we’ve already helped throughout the United States.

Step 2: We guide you on the Business Checking Account opening process.

Step 3: We secure you a BRAND NEW 2-Way BTM. (That means you can buy and sell Bitcoin and cash!)

Step 4: We customize the BTMs appearance and digital marketing to get more customers to find and use it!

Step 5: We have our expert sales team find you a GREAT location for your BTM!

Step 6: We have a professional technician install the BTM for you.

Step 7: We have an ARMORED CARRIER service maintain your BTM's cash!

Step 8: Rinse and Repeat.

That’s not all. We understand that you want to have an investment portfolio.

That’s why we give you access to exclusive clients-only pricing for additional BTM packages!

 Here’s another thing. When crypto prices go up and down what do people do?

They buy and sell.

You’re the middleman because you own the BTM.

You get to profit no matter what the price is.

Whether people are scared or excited about the price.

That’s how you invest in the Crypto industry without being exposed to the price!

How does the location finder service work?

Every Crypto Elite Automation client is assigned a dedicated salesman that will focus on the following:

Find profitable locations located within the United States.

Negotiate on behalf of the client. Provide the client with the terms of the contract that was negotiated with the merchant.

Allow the client to due their due diligence of the location(s) to verify safety, meet the merchant and to verify return on investment (ROI).

Once the client is happy with the location then the client will get a signed contract with the merchant.

The client will then be able have the BTM shipped directly to the location and installed by our technician!

We are about good business and we want to provide the best quality service in the BTM industry for you.

How much does it cost to start with Crypto ELITE Automation?

We literally are a one stop shop when it comes to ATM equipment and services.

Our packages start as a 5-figure investment for your first introduction Crypto Automation Package.

One (1) Brand New 2-Way Bitcoin ATM (Cash to Crypto and Crypto to Cash)
One (1) Location Included
Marketing Services for the BTM
Membership to Crypto ELITE Member Services

After your first package then you are given access to exclusive Clients-Only pricing as a lifetime member for additional Crypto BTMs, location finder services and anything else you might need. CRYPTO ELITE SUPPORT:

Customized Online CRYPTO ELITE Program – Lessons/ Checklist/ Training
Dedicated Group Chat – 1 on 1 support with Team (CSM, Location Manager & Account Manager)
Clients Only Training – Dedicated Weekly LIVE Training 
Back Office Support – Computer/ Phone Application for Crypto ATM

• GUARANTEED Accountability Manager - Dedicated team members

"BTM Automation Turnkey Ownership is the #1 Passive Income Business for 2023!"

Spencer  Cutler -

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